Commission Calculator

Simply the best way to track commissions in QuickBooks.  If you pay commissions to your sales reps and use QuickBooks, this is a MUST HAVE. You’ll be amazed at the time this will save you. Commission Calculator retrieves issued or paid invoices (whichever basis you use for commissions) directly from your QuickBooks company file (no exporting of data needed) and instantly calculates the commission earned by each sales rep (which are also automatically retrieved from QuickBooks).  You can set each sales rep’s commission type to any combination of the following:    

  •  Standard commission rate with optional minimum sales or payment level
  • Individual commission rate with optional minimum sales or payment level   
  • Commissions on issued or paid invoices for selected Classes with separate commission rates for each assigned Class 
  • Commissions on issued or paid invoices for selected Customers/Jobs with separate commission rates on each assigned Customer/Job 

The flexibility in assigning commission types and rates is virtually unlimited.

Commission Calculator also allows you to exclude one or more Items from your commission calculations. Like your reps, sales and payments, all of your Items are retrieved automatically from QuickBooks and presented to you in a list. Simply select the Items you want to exclude from the list (or deselect previous selections for inclusion). This is great for excluding Items like Shipping or Freight. 

Do you calculate your commissions on gross profit (invoiced amount less cost)? No problem, Commission Calculator does that too! It retrieves the cost of each inventory item sold from the QuickBooks’ internally maintained cost of goods sold database. And if you sell other types of items (non-inventory, services, etc.), Commission Calculator gives you two choices for tracking the cost of those items:

  • Cross-referencing invoices to bills, or 
  • Job profitability​   ​​(see the User Guide for details)

Commission Calculator works with US, Canada and UK versions of QuickBooks.   With all this flexibility, Commission Calculator can handle the most complex of commission programs. Start saving time today! Click on the button to the right to download your free 30 day trial version. This gives you plenty of time to see for yourself just how dynamic and valuable this application is. And the registration fee/purchase price is only US$699.

And for complete blow-by-blow instructions with screen shots, download the fully illustrated Commission Calculator User Guide. It makes great leisure reading.

Screen shots from Commission Calculator